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No utility tokens, no hidden discounts, no hidden fees

If your referrals generate taker volume, you receive a commission. Nash doesn’t require you to hold any tokens or follow social media rules.

Advanced privacy through our affiliate portal

Get transparent, compliant access to your referral data. Our privacy technology gives detailed information on your referral performance while keeping user data secret.

Easy to use for everyone

Users and influencers: Just share your referral link to invite new users to Nash!

Developers: Add your referral code as affiliateCode in the SDK. Commissions from existing users are valid.

50% more commission than competing public programs!

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How it works


You receive commission on the first six trading months of each of your referrals, independent of the commission paid.

Fast progress

You qualify as an affiliate by the total taker volume of all your referrals, not per referral. This means you qualify sooner for the highest tier.


Nash offers two affiliate levels plus one for developers, with no social media tracking.

Unlimited daily payouts

Receive daily payouts to your second-layer account, with no minimum payout – fast, predictable and ready to trade! Our affiliate portal for tracking your performance is fully transparent.

Affiliate levels

LevelLevel triggerRevenue share

Rising Star
$10,000 total volume from referrals.20%

100 referrals with at least $1,000 volume each.

At least $1M total volume from referrals.

Incorporate your referral code into your product and earn 10% on existing users.10%

Once you gain an affiliate status it is valid for three months and renewed while triggers are valid.

Your status is checked daily to see if you are entitled to upgrade.

Three-month grace period if taker volume goes down (you keep your last status while activity recovers).

If you are referring more than $25M in monthly volume, please get in touch as you might qualify for an allocation of the NEX token.

Frequently asked questions

I have referred users in the previous Nash referral program. Do these users count also towards the new Affiliates program?

Yes! All existing referrals will be incorporated into the new program. Statistics for existing referrals will begin counting from 2 September 2020.

As a developer, can I earn commission from existing users who trade using my software?

Yes. Developer statistics start counting from the first trade made with your code – regardless of when a user has already signed up to Nash. You receive commission on the first six months of trading activity.

As a developer, can I also earn commission from new user referrals?

Yes. Volume from new users joining with your referral code will contribute to other affiliate levels (VIP and Rising Star). You will receive 20/25% commissions for trades made by new user referrals and 10% commissions for existing users trading with your app.

If a new user I referred trades via my app, can I receive both a 20/25% reward and the 10% developer reward?

No. Nash will track both and pay you the highest commission share applicable.

Is there a minimum volume threshold for developers to receive 10% rewards?

Yes. You must meet the $10,000 total volume criterion to receive any rewards. However, because volume from your app and new user referrals is counted together, this means you will be able to qualify for rewards sooner!

Can I refer myself?

No, a user cannot refer themselves.

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