Become a currency partner

As a project originating within the blockchain community, we want to empower other businesses to connect with our user base and share in the success that delivering a new, decentralized financial system can bring.
Using our platform, customers can buy or sell directly through our national currency partners and the digital assets they receive will go straight into their personal Nash account, with no intermediary custodians. The whole process is simpler and more secure than the usual online banking experience. Customers can then take advantage of our non-custodial exchange and digital asset management system.
We would like to hear from potential currency partners in all jurisdictions.
Working with Nash is straightforward. When integrating with us, your brand is preserved and displayed prominently. Users can easily create accounts in your system within our platform, and associated data is sent directly to your servers. Our APIs are clearly documented and our payment team has built a flexible gateway to support the differing requirements across jurisdictions.
If you are able to provide money-transmitting services and are interested in partnering with Nash, please fill out our application form to let us know which services you would like to provide and in which jurisdictions.