About us

Nash is a fintech company using blockchain as infrastructure for the digital finance space. Our products form an integrated financial services platform that is fully non-custodial. Users can invest in, trade and make payments with digital assets and at no point will Nash control their funds.

Our main product is a non-custodial digital asset exchange that competes with the speed and functionality of centralized services. Connected to this are funds management tools and a payment platform that uses our exchange to convert currencies.By combining revolutionary technology with simple, intuitive interfaces, Nash aims to make decentralized finance accessible to everyone.Originally known as the Neon Exchange (NEX), Nash was founded in 2017 by five open-source blockchain developers on three different continents. Since then, we have grown rapidly and secured millions in investments, both from private firms and in our public security token offering.We are a fully remote company. Our twin commitments to borderlessness and quality mean we only hire the best, wherever they live. As a result, Nash now has team members on every inhabited continent.

Nash team members around the world

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Mission, vision and values

Nash wants to empower the world to enjoy capital freedom.


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