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Grow your money, buy and trade crypto and earn 7.5%* on your savings.

Officially registered
at De Nederlandsche Bank


“Best DeFi Marketplace”

Smarter than a
savings account

Let your money work for you. With Nash, you can earn up to 7.5% on your savings.

That’s over 100 times more than many bank savings accounts. You don’t pay any fees and you can start earning instantly, straight from your existing bank account. Your funds are never locked and always protected by advanced encryption.

This is how Nash compares to bank savings accounts

  • Nash
    Nash 7.5%
  • UniCredit Libretto Pensione
    UniCredit Libretto Pensione 0.01%
  • HSBC Flexible Saver
    HSBC Flexible Saver 0.65%
  • RaboBank Intersparen
    RaboBank Intersparen 0.008%

Smarter than a bank

Get your free Nash cash account
Coming soon

Now you can really manage all things money from your pocket. Simply open a free cash account with us. Nash is not a bank, but it feels just like the apps you know – except you’re just one click away from high-interest earnings and crypto investment opportunities.

Smarter than a debit card

Earn crypto while spending money. Meet the new Nash Mastercard.
Coming soon

Your Nash Mastercard is accepted worldwide and pays crypto rewards with every transaction.

Smarter than a crypto exchange

At Nash, we do things differently:

While crypto exchanges like Coinbase impose high fees and take custody of your funds, we charge just 1% – and you control your assets.

Instantly buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO, Avalanche and other popular coins with a simple EUR transaction.

Do you want more?

Trade like a pro. Nash leads the way in non-custodial trading.

Our decentralized exchange never takes custody of your funds. We provide the experience of a centralized exchange, with the security of a decentralized exchange. Are you ready for a new exchange experience?

The safest crypto wallet

You get the safest crypto wallet for your phone.

That’s our promise to you. With Nash, your cryptocurrency and earnings are secured by cutting-edge encryption.

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