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Open a free cash account in minutes and take your finances into the future.

Nash lets you keep your money side-by-side with crypto products, helping you grow your wealth and achieve long-term financial security.

With just one app, you can receive your salary, pay for groceries, analyze your spending – and access new financial opportunities like crypto investments and up to 7.5%-interest* earnings.

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Your Nash Mastercard is accepted worldwide and pays crypto rewards with every transaction.


Spending analysis to manage your money

Keep track of your spending to save more efficiently and manage your money better.


Earn up to 7.5%* annual interest* to build financial security

Add funds to crypto-powered earnings with just one tap and grow your wealth faster.

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Spend and save with the Nash debit card

Your Nash Mastercard is accepted worldwide and lets you earn crypto rewards, so you can grow your crypto savings while you spend. Lock your card in the app for added security.

Access new financial opportunities with crypto investments

Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and others at the best prices in an instant, and trade thousands of tokens on the leading decentralized exchanges.

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Stay loyal

The more you use Nash to spend and save, the more crypto rewards you’ll receive.

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