Company culture: How a strong vision and values help Nash succeed

Company culture

Corporate culture has increasingly been seen as important over recent years. Whether employees “fit” into a company environment can have a huge effect on how they work and hence on the success of the company.

Like culture in general, corporate culture has many aspects. It involves not only how work gets done in terms of procedures, hierarchies and expectations, but also why it gets done – what values a company has that motivate it and its employees. Values can be just as important as procedures, since if an employee feels their job is not serving a meaningful end, they will not be motivated to do it well.

Of course, the how and the why are often inseparable. A company that values the individual creativity of its employees is unlikely to adopt an excessively top-down management style.

Numerous studies have shown the importance of healthy corporate culture. For one thing, it improves employee retention. Employees should always be viewed as an investment. Not only do their skills continue to grow after joining a company, but their knowledge of its specific operations deepens. This can be especially important in the technology sector, where familiarizing new employees with a complex codebase can take many months.

A better culture also increases engagement with work. It isn’t just the case that happier employees are more productive. It’s also important to give them space to contribute their ideas. Great ideas can come from all levels within a company, but in the wrong environment, they won’t get heard.

For these reasons, Nash strives to maintain a positive company culture. We have often discussed our vision for digital assets on our blog, emphasizing how everyone can benefit. Our mission, vision and values are important for us.

As a remote company with employees around the world, all with different cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs and opinions, a shared vision is especially important. Whatever our differences, we are all strongly motivated by our work at Nash, since we believe in the products we are building.

This enthusiasm doesn’t just help us work harder. It also translates into better communication, since we know our fellow team members are striving for the same goals, and want to cooperate with them.

We also make sure our employees have a strong sense of their value. Their autonomy is very important. Everyone at Nash is always encouraged to speak up with their ideas, and our team is quick to recognize everyone’s contributions. Our Slack channels are full of congratulations on different teams’ achievements, and our weekly company call offers everyone the chance to give demos of their work and shout-outs to their colleagues.

Celebrating achievements together is essential to our culture – and is strengthened by our efforts to get to know each other on a personal level. This doesn’t just happen at our company gatherings around the globe, but also in our casual Slack channels for hobbies like photography or music. Many employees at Nash are not simply colleagues, but also friends.

We are a small team, but have already deployed multiple world-first products, including our non-custodial Bitcoin markets and decentralized API keys. Without our positive work culture, we wouldn’t have come this far. But we are proud of the environment we have created and confident it will be a firm foundation for future success.

You can stay up to date with Nash by following our Twitter and Instagram. We also encourage all Nash Exchange token (NEX) holders to join our community platform, where they can talk directly with the team and receive reliable answers to questions.



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