The crypto fintech startup of the future

You don’t need a bank to make it happen

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to grow their money the modern way. Why should only a few people profit from the opportunities offered by cryptocurrency? We open the door to crypto for you and for everyone.

Welcome to the new everyday

We want to bring modern finance to the many. But along with the potential of cryptocurrency, we also saw the issues: it’s difficult to navigate and it’s easy to lose funds left on insecure exchanges.

We wanted to solve that. So we built a one-of-a-kind decentralized exchange. This technical tour-de-force combined the performance of centralized exchanges with top-level security. Off to a good start.

But for the real revolution to happen, we needed more. We needed an everyday product for everyone – and everything. We’re talking shopping-to-salary-to-crypto-savings-everything: all things money in one easy-to-use app. So we built it. For you. And for everyone.

Welcome to the new everyday.

From crypto exchange to fintech app

It’s 2017

Five developers meet in an online community and join forces to make trading cryptocurrency safer: meet crypto startup Nash.

New products

We build a new set of products, all with the goal of making crypto investment opportunities as simple and accessible as possible – for everyone.

Fast-forward to 2021

Nash receives its second registration as a crypto–fiat exchange provider in the Netherlands, after a first registration in Liechtenstein.

Bridging the gap

We bridge the gap between traditional spending and saving and the world of decentralized finance. The past and future of money in one app.

The crypto fintech startup of the future

Our leadership team includes decades of experience from the software and blockchain industries.

Together with world-leading experts in blockchain engineering, we’re bridging the gap between traditional and decentralized finance, building the fintech app for everything.

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