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Lending money generates interest. When you save with a traditional bank account, you get a portion of the interest the bank earns when it lends out your money. The issue: interest rates on these savings accounts are controlled by central banks. And that’s why most banks offer very low interest rates at the moment: it’s how government policy encourages people to spend.

But what if you don’t want to spend? What if you’d rather make money?

Today, many people are looking for ways to make passive income beyond traditional savings accounts. But while interest rates are very low, you can still make your money work for you – with crypto.

Crypto-powered earnings, like bank savings, generate interest through lending money. But with crypto, there are no central banks forcing low rates: blockchain platforms let you lend money at rates set by the market. That means that if more people want to borrow a particular currency, rates on loans for that currency go up – and these rates are often much higher than those offered by banks. That’s how crypto earnings let you save money faster than traditional accounts.

It’s pretty straightforward. Nash simplifies access to crypto earnings protocols like Aave. These platforms give you so-called ‘aTokens’ when you deposit funds to them, which track your interest. As Nash sells you these aTokens directly, this process is faster and simpler.

We simplify access to the blockchain-based lending platforms. Our system effectively lets you deposit cash to them directly to earn interest. The good news: borrowers on these platforms typically provide more collateral than the actual size of their loans, so they should always be able to pay them back. But it’s never fully risk-free.

The main risks of earnings on Nash are:

  • Hacks of smart contracts belonging to Nash or the crypto earnings protocols
  • Large exchange rate fluctuations between your national currency (e.g. EUR) and the stablecoins deposited to crypto protocols (e.g. USDC), which underlie the ‘aTokens’ purchased by Nash users
  • Stablecoins might lose their peg and become less valuable than the represented national currency (e.g. USDC becomes less valuable than USD)

It’s important to review these risks when deciding if Nash is the best savings app for you.

Crypto-powered earnings are currently available in the European region (EU + EEA + Switzerland) and the United Kingdom.

At present, we’re not able to offer insurance on crypto earnings – but we’re working on it. We’ve made it a priority to provide insurance for user funds and are looking at a range of solutions as we speak.

Yes, they can. We offer a choice between a number of crypto earnings protocols. Rates may fluctuate independently for each of them. You can add funds to a mixture of protocols as part of your earnings portfolio and Nash will calculate your current and 30-day average AER.

Unfortunately, that’s not possible. Our system only lets you add funds in the form of national currency. But you do have the option to deposit your existing crypto to a platform like Aave with WalletConnect.

You can add funds to a number of earnings protocols on Nash. Some of these protocols offer just one kind of aToken. Others, like Aave, offer a number. When adding funds to protocols with multiple aTokens, we simply offer whichever one provides the highest interest rate at the moment of purchase.

Please note: if you want to change the make-up of your portfolio, you’ll have to remove your funds and add them again.

It’s best to wait for Nash to come back online. If you’re a tech-savvy expert user, you can interact with our earnings smart contracts directly by programming a transaction, but we definitely don’t recommend this.

You can monitor the status of Nash here.

Yes, it is. Balances are compounded constantly with every new Ethereum block (roughly every 10–20 seconds), so you can save money even faster.

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