How to avoid scammers: A quick good practice guide

How to avoid scammers

No matter your background, when an amazing opportunity presents itself, the most common reaction is to take it, however dubious it might appear after a moment’s consideration. Yet, when it comes to cryptocurrency, security can never be taken for granted. The amount of cryptocurrency lost to scammers is growing rapidly, and day by day we witness more people reporting how they were scammed.

These scams share a number of common elements:

  • A stranger offering a business deal, claiming to know someone within the organization to be able to offer discounts or some other competitive advantage.
  • A deposit request of a certain amount as a business guarantee, which will be returned later with a higher amount.
  • A forger identifying themselves as a publicly known member of a company, again able to provide an advantageous agreement.
  • An invitation (a website, email, link, etc.) copying the visual identity of a company in an attempt to appear legitimate.

This list could be longer, but the key safety precaution it highlights is always to look for information on official channels. Take Nash, for example. Our only official channels are Twitter, Medium, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and our website.

City of Zion have produced a video explaining how to use NEO safely:

We would like to reiterate the following points:

  • There is absolutely no way someone from Nash will ever contact a person offering a special deal.
  • You will never be asked to send funds to a wallet address on behalf of Nash or a team member.
  • Nash does not have an official Telegram group.
  • No pre-sale, discounts or bonuses are associated with our ICO.
  • Phishing websites should be reported on Google and scammers on Twitter.
  • Pay attention to URLs! Check spelling and look in official channels to confirm all information.

We seek to convey information in advance, so people do not need to rush just to meet deadlines. Rushing often leads to mistakes.

Stay safe.



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