Nash soon to offer unlimited staking

Nash soon to offer unlimited staking

We are pleased to announce that users will soon be able to create unlimited stakes.

An updated staking contract was deployed today and the feature will be enabled in a future release in the coming days. As a result, we have migrated all stake data to the new contract, which can be found on the blockchain here.

As with our original staking contract, we are making the source code of the new contract public. The updated repository is available here.

Our staking contract was designed to include a migration routine. This is because we anticipated the possibility that NEO 3.0 might require a move to a new contract. We wanted to be absolutely sure user funds would be safe during any transition. The routine also allows us to carry out updates to the staking contract, as we have done in this case.

Staked tokens can move to two places. They either go back to their original owner’s personal wallet (when a stake expires) or to a new staking contract (when we run the migration routine).

The migration routine can only be executed with signatures from four of the five Nash founders and does not allow tokens to be withdrawn from the contract. Its sole function is to migrate stakes to a new contract, without changing ownership.

Existing NEX stakes remain unchanged and no action is required from users.

We hope you enjoy the possibilities unlocked by creating unlimited stakes!



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