NEX: The only way to invest in a compliant crypto future

invest in a compliant crypto future

Nash isn’t the only fully compliant crypto exchange – but it is the only one with an investment token. The Nash Exchange token (NEX) offers a unique opportunity for those who believe the future of crypto will be compliant.

Nash has emphasized the importance of legal compliance from the very beginning. We believe the wide adoption of digital assets will only be achieved in tandem with new regulatory frameworks. If payments, stocks and national currencies are to find their home on the blockchain, this can be expected. Businesses will only adopt this technology if they can be confident of legal protection.

Securing a future for Nash in this space – and protecting our investors – has meant pursuing compliant solutions from the start. As a result, we registered NEX as the world’s first public digital security token, offering guarantees against fraud and market manipulation, but also investor safety in the case of regulatory developments.

Exchange tokens that share revenue, like NEX, clearly meet the criteria for being classified as securities. Unregistered exchange tokens hence expose their investors to significant risk, should future regulations result in a crackdown on such assets. What’s more, platforms that list unregistered securities – or fail to meet AML and other requirements – leave themselves open to legal consequences that may restrict their ability to acquire important licenses.

Nash’s compliance-first approach protects both investors and the future of our own business.

A unique investment

2020 has recently seen regulatory developments that suggest Nash’s approach is correct. Actions from the United States CFTC and DOJ against BitMEX point to a future of more stringent AML regulation. The UK’s FCA also recently took action focused on protecting retail investors, another sign of the direction regulation is taking.

At present, NEX is the only token associated with a fully compliant cryptocurrency exchange. Some industry-leading exchanges take compliance seriously – including Coinbase, Gemini and Kraken – but none of these offers investment opportunities in the form of a revenue-sharing token.

With the exception of NEX, exchange tokens are unregistered securities related to less-than-fully-compliant exchanges.

NEX represents a hedge against the lax approach to compliance currently predominant in the cryptocurrency industry. As the only fully compliant exchange token, it is the only way to invest directly in a compliant future for digital assets.

Transparent tokenomics

It is straightforward to estimate the value of NEX tokens based on the dividends they produce by following a dividend discount model.

Investors can stake NEX for 24 months to receive up to a 75% proportionate share of revenue generated by Nash services, including our exchange, Nash Cash and Nash Link. Consider the following example:

These simple calculations do not rule out speculative valuation. In fact, they make it easier. Speculators can use the dividend discount model to project values of NEX based on future volume and market share.

Earn NEX tokens through liquidity mining!

As a registered security, NEX is currently unavailable for trading on the Nash exchange. Nonetheless, a number of over-the-counter markets exist, and our upcoming ERC-20 token bridge will facilitate making NEX more widely available.

One simple way to get hold of NEX tokens, and potentially make trading profits at the same time, is to participate in our liquidity mining program!

By trading on the Nash Exchange, you can earn NEX rewards proportionate to your weekly volume. During our beta program, 20,000 NEX are available each week. Future programs will improve both reward structure and UX.

You can stay up to date with Nash by following our Twitter and Instagram, as well as joining our official Telegram group. We also encourage all Nash Exchange token (NEX) holders to join our community platform, where they can talk directly with the team and receive reliable answers to questions.



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