Our new leadership team and upcoming strategy

Our new leadership team

In May, Nash announced the appointment of payments veteran Kellogg Fairbank as Chief Executive Officer.

In September, we were pleased to welcome Rob Farmer as Chief Operating Officer and Marc Vekemans as Chief Marketing Officer, bringing to Nash years of experience in senior roles at companies including PayPal, Braintree/Venmo, HEMA, Travix and bol.com.

Under this new, highly experienced leadership team, Nash will be channeling our industry-leading crypto expertise into consumer products targeting a mass market of all ages.

Better than a bank account

Our vision is the fintech superapp for everything: one app for receiving your salary, doing your shopping – but also buying Bitcoin or earning interest through high-yield crypto protocols. Nash will become a marketplace not just for crypto investments but also earnings products, offering a choice between different packages.

We’re bridging the gap between traditional and decentralized finance so anyone can enjoy the new financial opportunities offered by crypto and access more ways to grow their wealth than with traditional bank accounts and apps.

Nash sees enormous potential in offering a more powerful alternative to today’s mobile banking apps. We look forward to bringing it to as wide an audience as possible.

What’s coming next

Nash recently released the first version of our earnings product, the only solution on the European market that allows users to deposit cash frictionlessly to decentralized earnings protocols.

Our strategy over the coming months will focus on expanding and promoting earnings on Nash while we build out other features of the app (most importantly, integrated cash accounts and debit cards). This will allow Nash to establish our brand and acquire new users in selected target markets, beginning with the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Data from these upcoming campaigns will inform future expansion efforts and allow us to refine our proposition, while user growth in initial markets will provide a basis for a Series A fundraise in early 2022.

Our most immediate milestones for this strategy include:

  • Integration of Terra’s Anchor protocol alongside Aave, offering users a choice in an earnings marketplace
  • Integration of iDEAL and other alternative payment methods, making transferring money into earnings instant for supported regions
  • Expansion of the Nash website to better promote our new consumer offering
  • Translation of the Nash app and website into Dutch
  • Launch of campaigns in the Netherlands promoting earnings once the above items are completed
  • A subsequent launch of campaigns in the United Kingdom once bank transfers via Faster Payments Service are available
  • A full brand refresh and redesign in partnership with leading Netherlands firm Resoluut
  • Further partnerships with well-established agencies and PR firms to help us ramp up our growth

Nash founders continue to develop and advise

Community members who have followed Nash since the beginning are familiar with our founders, who were active in a variety of cryptocurrency projects before creating the company.

Since Nash began appointing a more experienced business leadership team, the founders have been less visible to our community.

All founders continue to be actively involved in Nash and constitute the company board.

Ethan Fast will be present at Nash in an advisory role, consulting regularly with both business and technical teams, while stepping down from his post as Chief Research Officer to join the recently founded company Vcreate as Chief Technical Officer.

Ethan writes:

I’ll be joining Vcreate as CTO to bring my machine learning skillset to the development of cancer immunotherapies. Of course, I’m more excited than ever about Nash’s vision under its new leadership and will continue working closely with the team as a technical advisor. Kellogg, Rob, and Marc are wonderful people who bring decades of business experience to Nash, something the company is well positioned to benefit from.

CEO Kellogg Fairbank commented:

Ethan has done great things at Nash, bringing his immense technical expertise to the development of our Layer-2 exchange and multi-party computation wallets. I’m glad we can still benefit from that expertise with Ethan as an advisor. Naturally, we will miss having him more directly involved in development at Nash, but I wish him the very best at Vcreate, a project that is pioneering technology for all the right reasons.

Community members will be able to get to know our new leadership team better in a series of special podcast episodes. Follow our Twitter or Telegram announcements channel to stay up to date.



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