Paid Market Makers program

Paid Market Makers program

Our innovations represent a huge technical advance on centralized exchanges. Now, the Nash Paid Market Makers program will help connect small-to-medium-sized professional market makers to the non-custodial future of markets and trading!

The program is now open for public registration, with benefits including:

  • Monthly payment structure
    Attractive fixed monthly compensation tailored to the size of your operation.
  • 1-on-1 onboarding
    You’ll receive individual support from our team every step of the way.
  • Extensive documentation
    Including tutorials, FAQs and detailed code examples.

With support from our team, market makers will easily overcome the differences between centralized exchanges and Nash. You’ll be ready to trade in no time!

Benefits of market-making on Nash

Nash is non-custodial
Centralized custody of funds brings security risks. Since centralized exchanges concentrate user assets in one place, they represent a lucrative target for hackers. Moreover, being non-custodial means greater transparency. In traditional finance, the party with custody over assets is never the party matching trades.

Absolute security with maximum speed
Nash uses state channels across multiple blockchains, managed by an off-chain matching engine. This allows users to trade real (not wrapped) tokens at speeds that not only compete with but exceed centralized exchanges, all while offering genuine markets with order books. Placement to order book latency is just 20ms – making Nash the genuine no compromise DEX!

Decentralized API keys
Nash offers decentralized API keys based on secure multi-party computation (MPC). We are the first and only non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange to offer the kind of API keys institutional and algorithmic traders need. The result is an unparalleled security profile: for the first time in the trading industry, funds are not at risk even if both your and our servers are compromised!

Let us help you join the world of decentralized finance.

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