Thanks to you, the Nash ICO was a success!

Nash ICO was a success

We are pleased to report that the Nash Initial Coin Offering (ICO) exceeded our fundraising expectations and secured operations for years to come. Thanks to everyone who participated – we literally couldn’t have done it without you!

We’re proud to have pioneered a model for fair and smooth ICOs via our web platform and lottery allocation system. Our goal was to let as many people contribute as possible and to build a wide community of Nash Exchange token (NEX) holders. With over 17,000 addresses now holding NEX tokens, we feel we succeeded! We’re also delighted to have read your comments on how smooth you found the contribution process. The ICO should give you a taste of the Nash user experience.

Our success is thanks to our great community. We understand the difficulty investors faced waiting for our ICO. Nash is breaking new regulatory ground in registering our token as a security and we are grateful to the FMA for granting us approval. The FMA assessment was especially thorough, meaning we could not keep to our original schedule.

Despite the wait, you contributed generously. We are overwhelmed by the confidence you showed in Nash and wish again to express our gratitude. We are hard at work refining the exchange and preparing for launch to ensure you are not disappointed.

We are now looking to expand our business and round out our team. If you’re excited about Nash and think you could help us, take a look at our open positions.

In the meantime, we’re exploring options to connect with Nash holders and benefit from your input. Stay tuned to hear about the Nash Community and how you can help us make Nash your best investment ever!



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