The Nash App: Stay in control when you trade, pay and invest on mobile!

The Nash App

The Nash mobile app represents the most secure all-in-one crypto platform for mobile. Trade, pay, invest and more – and thanks to our revolutionary technology, Nash never takes control of your funds.

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Advanced trading and simple swaps

Nash uses state channels to enable fast, non-custodial trading of native crypto assets. With our mobile app you can:

  • Get data on Nash markets, including popular BTC and USDC pairs
  • Access advanced trading features to set up your orders
  • Make simple asset swaps at the current market price
  • Trade without giving up the keys to your crypto!
Follow the market and place trade orders – or perform swaps at the current price.‌‌

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Secure wallet and portfolio

Nash offers secure, non-custodial wallets for multiple blockchains that are quick and easy to use, with an attractive funds manager giving you an overview of your portfolio.

  • Fully non-custodial wallets leave you in control
  • Track your portfolio
  • Pay and transfer funds with QR codes
  • Hardware-level security is coming with our upgrade to MPC signatures: set withdrawal limits and whitelist addresses!
Track the portfolio in your non-custodial wallets and transfer funds with simple QR codes.‌‌

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Invest and cash out with Nash Cash

Mobile users in the European region can take advantage of our own Nash Cash fiat ramp to purchase and sell crypto.

  • 0% transaction fee
  • Rapid delivery of assets with SEPA transfer
  • Funds are sent straight to your trading state channel, letting you avoid blockchain transfer fees
Buy and sell crypto with Nash Cash – funds go direct to our non-custodial trading channels, saving you blockchain fees.‌‌

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Manage your NEX stakes

The Nash Exchange token (NEX) offers a great way to earn passive income. You can stake NEX tokens to receive a share of Nash’s revenue. It’s a registered security and, thanks to Nash’s compliant approach, the only way to invest directly in a compliant future for the crypto space.

  • Set up new NEX stakes on mobile
  • Inspect your progress and dividends
Manage your NEX stakes on mobile.

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KYC made easy

To trade larger amounts on Nash, you need to complete identity verification (KYC). Our mobile app makes it easy to take a selfie and submit your documents in five minutes or less!

  • Get verified in five minutes or less!
  • Increase your trading and Nash Cash limits
  • Documents are not stored by Nash, but Jumio, a respected and secure third-party provider
Verify your identity in under five minutes.

Get it now on the App Store or Google Play!

You can stay up to date with Nash by following our Twitter and Instagram, as well as joining our official Telegram group. We also encourage all Nash Exchange token (NEX) holders to join our community platform, where they can talk directly with the team and receive reliable answers to questions.



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