Welcome to the new everyday: The Nash brand

The Nash brand

Nash is coming, make no mistake.

With our new product lineup and leadership team, the crypto startup founded in 2017 has seen some big changes.

The new Nash is for those who are crypto curious, but don’t yet have the know-how to get started. Our brand conveys a sense of security and confidence, while triggering a feeling of curiosity at the same time.

We teamed up with leading design agency Resoluut to develop this new look and feel for Nash.

Let’s dive in.

The new-look Nash app. Download it here.


Every brand needs a story. A vision. Something that comes to life in all aspects of the brand.

We believe everyone should have the chance to grow their money the modern way – with the opportunities offered by digital assets. Web 3.0 is the future, and it’s already here. But not everybody knows it. Nash will open up this new reality to everyone.

Our vision?

We’re on a mission to create a movement for the many, where anyone curious about making their money move is welcome.

We want to shake up people’s idea of banking and put the crypto revolution right there in the app you use to buy groceries. Because that’s where it belongs.

Soon you’ll see the “new everyday” on our ads along with slogans like “Grow your money the modern way” and “The smart money app” – everywhere from outside billboards to online digital ads.

This is our vision. It shapes how we look and communicate.

Speaking of which…

The new look

Too many finance apps look old, boring and blue. They try not to shock you and to win your trust. But while trust is essential, they all tell the same story.

Nash is modern, positive and dynamic – but also a place you can feel at home. A place where you can have fun. And still a place you can trust with your money.

Here’s how we do it.

Can you feel your money growing?

Our new logo points upwards. It’s dynamic, even when standing still.

We’ve taken our name and made it symbolize what we’re about. Growth and positivity.

Vibrant colours

What’s the colour of money? Most apps seem to think it’s blue. But a dark and sober blue. Like waiting in the queue at a bank.

We offer a breath of fresh air, with light blue and yellow. Like being out in the open on a summer afternoon, not shut inside. We also switch things up with secondary colours: orange, green and pink – optimistic, crisp and energetic.

Nash is a warm, vibrant and positive place. A place you’d like to spend your time. Not a stuffy, traditional bank.

Nash is the place you’ll want to be.

New fonts

Yes, we’ve made our own font.

Nash Sans is powerful, solid and strong, with a lot of character. This is how we get your attention. Well, that and top interest rates.

Imagine walking past Nash in the street. Soon you won’t have to imagine.


It’s not just about fintech. It’s about people. Including you.

Photography is the easiest way to connect to people. It lets us show that Nash really is for the many. That we’re building a community.

Nash is bringing Web 3.0 to the masses. Making it more human.

Hello, you

A brand isn’t just about looks. It’s also about voice.

We like to keep the energy flowing. We are positive, dynamic and open to the new and we want to spread that magic and share it with you.

You can trust us to share what we know. About crypto. About finance. And we’ll be expanding our educational content for everyone.

With our new brand, we take another step towards getting crypto out of tech-land and into people’s everyday lives. Making new currencies easy, fun and accessible for everyone to enjoy.

Welcome to the new Nash.

Welcome to the new everyday.

Get the Nash app here.

You can stay up to date with Nash by following us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, as well as joining our official Telegram group.



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