Win up to $100,000 in Bitcoin with the Nash referral giveaway!

Win up to $100,000 in Bitcoin

The Nash platform is getting close to launch! Our private beta for Nash Community members will go live on 31 March 2019, shortly before the full product is made available to the general public.

Nash offers a revolutionary decentralized exchange that combines the security of decentralization with the speed and functionality of centralized services. We solve the major problems of existing cryptocurrency exchange models. You can learn more on our website.

To spread the word about Nash, we’ve organized a referral program giveaway! A total of $100,000 in Bitcoin and 46,000 Nash Exchange tokens (NEX)are up for grabs to the winners of our prize draw.

Over thirty prizes are available:

Everyone who registers a Nash account using a referral code gains one ticket to the prize draw!

You can increase your chance of winning a prize by earning more tickets for the draw. You earn tickets by referring friends. These tickets then have to be activated by using the Nash Exchange once it goes live.

Everyone gets a ticket when they join the program. You’ll receive two tickets for each person you refer directly. But you’ll also receive a bonus ticket for each indirect referral – the people your friends sign up.

To activate tickets, users have to place an order of any kind on the Nash exchange. If your friends have forgotten about Nash, you’ll have to send them a reminder after we launch! Information on which tickets have been activated can be found on your personal referrals page within our web platform. Please note that, to prevent fraud, we can only count as valid tickets activated by accounts with a portfolio value of at least $25 at the time of the draw.

To sign up, you will need a referral code. There are a few ways to get one:

  • You’ll receive a code if one of your friends invites you to the program.
  • Lots of people are sharing their codes on social media. Try searching for our hashtag #TrustYourselves
  • If you’re a member of the Nash Community, we’ve already sent you a special seed code to get the program started!

You can read more about the referral program giveaway here.



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