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Low fees: Our fees are as low as 1%
Fast: Instant delivery with no withdrawal locks
Fully compliant: We’ve worked with regulators since 2017
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FeeMarkup*Network fee**
Best offerSEPA
Coming soonCREDIT CARD
CREDIT CARD€4662.90%0%€20
CREDIT CARD€4583.90%4.56%€20
CREDIT CARD€4564.50%4.37%N/A
CREDIT CARD€4443.90%1.37%€30
CREDIT CARD€4050.00%18.93%N/A
* Nash has calculated markups by comparing quoted price with global market price across 10 Bitcoin transactions.** These are network fees for Bitcoin transfers. Some providers exaggerate network fees, building in a hidden extra fee.
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Nash is an exchange bureau licensed by the FMA of Liechtenstein (VT-Wechseldienstleister Nr. 261096 as defined by the Token- und VT-Dienstleister-Gesetz / TVTG, 3 October 2019).Nash Exchange B.V. is registered with De Nederlandsche Bank N.V. (DNB) as a provider of crypto services. DNB conducts supervision and monitors Nash Exchange B.V.’s compliance with the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act and the Sanctions Act 1977. Nash Exchange B.V. is not under the prudential supervision of DNB nor under business conduct supervision of the AFM. This means there is no supervision of financial requirements or business risks and no specific consumer financial protections.*APY displayed is the current rate. Rates may vary over time.
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