A fast and user-friendly non-custodial exchange

Blockchain-based exchanges are more secure than traditional services, but are usually slow and difficult to use. Nash overcomes these problems with innovative technology and intuitive interfaces.
We process tens of thousands of transactions without ever taking control of your assets. What’s more, our interface is ideal for both beginners and advanced users.

Our interface is accessible to anyone, even people who have never used an exchange before.

A ‘Basic’ view lets you buy and sell with one click.

Alternatively, the ‘Pro’ view provides all the features traders know and love.


Centralized exchanges sacrifice security to achieve performance. They have custody of your funds while remaining vulnerable to hacks or insolvency. When you use these systems, you are entrusting them with your assets.

With Nash, you control your funds at all times. Your private keys don’t come near our servers – they are encrypted on your computer. Our off-chain matching engine is itself a distributed system, adding extra protection for your peace of mind.

Fiat gateways

Buy digital assets with national currencies and trade them on our exchange. Our global network of currency partners offer fiat on- and off-ramps that connect directly to your wallet.

The Nash Exchange also features…

Unparalleled performance

Nash can compete with the speed and volume of centralized exchanges.

Cross-chain trading

Nash isn’t limited to just one blockchain. We offer trading across a number of chains and aim to support all major digital assets.

Complex orders

Our off-chain matching engine can handle complex order types, such as market and limit orders. We plan to offer margin trading in the future.

However you choose to use Nash, you will have a simple, intuitive and enjoyable experience!
Giving you controlNash simplifies the business of moving and tracking your funds securely.
Secure self-custodyOur fast and user-friendly non-custodial exchange.
Mobile wallet meets trading appThe all-in-one solution for your digital assets.
Make life simpleIncrease customer conversion with the quickest, easiest payment option.

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