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Nash Mobile is an all-in-one solution for digital assets. Buy, sell and store popular digital currencies. Trade using our exchange’s advanced tools. Pay with automatic currency conversion.With all these features, you might even forget Nash is non-custodial!
Atom / Icon / RegulationsCreated with Sketch.It’s for everyoneWe’ve optimized our interface for mobile. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Nash Mobile guarantees the same simple, intuitive experience you can enjoy on our web platform.
Atom / Icon / RegulationsCreated with Sketch.Invest and storeNash Mobile lets you keep your different network assets in one safe place. Seamless connection to our exchange and fiat gateways means you can take advantage of market opportunities at the push of a button.
Atom / Icon / RegulationsCreated with Sketch.Scan. Convert. Pay.QR-code scanning and automatic currency conversion make payments easier than ever. Whether you’re sending money to a friend or paying for goods online, Nash Mobile is the quickest, safest solution.
Atom / Icon / RegulationsCreated with Sketch.Trade as you goNash Mobile gives you access to our exchange features. There’s no simpler way to keep track of markets and place orders.
Get connectedA browser-based wallet that opens a world of possibilities.
Giving you controlNash simplifies the business of moving and tracking your funds securely.
Secure self-custodyOur fast and user-friendly non-custodial exchange.
Mobile wallet meets trading appThe all-in-one solution for your digital assets.
Make life simpleIncrease customer conversion with the quickest, easiest payment option.

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