Europe’s first digital security

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icons/careersCreated with Sketch. You can stake Nash Exchange tokens (NEX) to receive a share of our exchange fees. As Europe’s first digital security, NEX paves the way for this exciting new asset class.
Investors are legally protected from market manipulation, fraud and insider trading.Find out more about our legal compliance.

Buying NEX

The Nash Exchange token will be purchasable on our own exchange. As a registered security.

Staking NEX

Lock Nash Exchange tokens in a staking contract and receive a share of our exchange fees!

How it works

Step 1Purchase NEXNEX will be purchasable on our exchange.
Step 2Create your stakeTokens can be locked for up to two years, with longer stakes offering a higher share of fees.
Step 3Earn passive incomeThe base fee-share rate is 25%, increasing to 75% if you stake for two years.
To stake, you will have to pass a Know Your Customer (KYC) background check.


Our web platform makes it easy to configure your stake and claim dividends.

Dividends are paid monthly. Since fees are generated for all assets traded on the Nash Exchange, you will receive a dividend in each of these assets.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of our exchange to automatically convert dividends into a single asset of choice.

Digital securities

Exchange tokens like NEX represent a form of profit-sharing. We hence believe that every exchange token is, in practice, a security.

Nash takes legal compliance seriously. We believe it is key to growing digital finance. See our Compliance page for more details.

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Supply and token sale

There are a total of 50 million Nash Exchange tokens.

In September 2018, we raised company funds by offering 25 million tokens for a price of 1 USD in our public sale.

The other 25 million were reserved for the team, selected partners and private investors.

icons/cashCreated with Sketch.Earn passive income by staking NEX!
Get connectedA browser-based wallet that opens a world of possibilities.
Giving you controlNash simplifies the business of moving and tracking your funds securely.
Secure self-custodyOur fast and user-friendly non-custodial exchange.
Mobile wallet meets trading appThe all-in-one solution for your digital assets.
Make life simpleIncrease customer conversion with the quickest, easiest payment option.

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