Nash Community Update August 2023
August 31, 2023

Community Update August 2023

Community Update August 2023

Dear community,

I hope you've been enjoying the summer, relaxing on the beach, and it hasn't been too hot where you are. While you've been unwinding, we've been hard at work aiming to deliver the next logical step in finance: an all-powerful app that brings together traditional finance and blockchain at your fingertips.

Let's review what we've accomplished this month and discuss our upcoming plans.

Regarding the widget, the functionality is already live in our development environment. We've been testing, polishing, and making improvements. This initial release marks a significant milestone. To give you a clearer understanding of the steps ahead, I'll share our plan.

The current version we're testing will enable users to easily complete KYC for their newly created Nash accounts. They can respond to compliance requests, link their personal IBAN, and make instant or manual payments. Additionally, users can connect third-party wallets if they prefer not to have their purchased funds sent to their new accounts.

Once we're confident in our progress, we'll proceed with a soft release.

During this soft release, we'll need everyone in the community to help test and assist us in resolving any remaining issues before integrating this feature into any third-party websites. This includes all of you – you can seamlessly integrate it using the documentation we'll provide on GitHub. We're striving to make this process as smooth as possible. Our aim is to ensure that companies or individuals looking to integrate won't even need to contact us for further information. We're prioritizing ease of use for all.

Our work won't stop after this release. Our goal is to continually enhance the widget, positioning it as an industry leader, unrivaled by any other solution. This will become achievable once we incorporate the IBAN flow. Users will have the ability to sell directly from third-party wallets, including their Nash wallets. And, all of this accessible from any website or mobile browser.

Now, let's shift focus to the mobile app. We've resolved numerous minor issues; a few examples of which are: refining our 1inch integration, updating critical compliance flows, fixing a pesky bug that hindered the token detail page from loading, and addressing various other minor issues. We've been diligently working on all fronts. We understand that when it comes to Product Update communication, you're primarily interested in the highlights, so I'll get straight to the point.

IBAN integration is nearly here. We've completed QA testing in the Development environment and have now moved on to Production QA. We're thrilled to announce that the first real IBAN accounts have already been created using the Nash app. Transactions such as purchases, sales, withdrawals, and deposits are in progress.

Given that this is a pivotal feature, we want it to be as close to perfection as possible when we deliver it to you. Rest assured, we're getting close!

After the IBAN release, our focus will shift to the next item on our agenda: the Notification system.

This system will encompass all the elements you've been missing from the app. It will serve as your guiding hand, keeping you informed at every step – from compliance processes to fund transfers, receipts, and even exchanges. This system will act as your companion on the journey of the next financial revolution. We can hardly wait for this crucial puzzle piece to go live within the app.

I suppose there isn't much more to say, except that we'll need your assistance. We're counting on you to report any issues we may have overlooked – whether they're related to the widget, the app, or even the website (a little secret: we're planning to update that soon as well). We need everyone to come together – the excitement is about to begin.

PS. Discussions are already underway for Nash Debit Cards with our new partner. While we can't provide additional details at this time, please know that talks are ongoing.

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Nash was the first Crypto Platform in Europe registered by the Financial Market Authority (FMA) of Liechtenstein. Nash is also registered with the De Nederlandsche Bank N.V. (DNB).
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Nash is a trademark of Neon Exchange Aktiengesellschaft. Neon Exchange Aktiengesellschaft is an exchange bureau registered with the FMA of Liechtenstein (TT Exchange Service Provider Nr. 261096 as defined by the Token- und VT-Dienstleister-Gesetz / TVTG, 3 October 2019)
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