We believe that legal compliance is key to growing digital finance in the long term. Nash aims to be maximally compliant. In doing so, we are breaking new legal ground to ensure that distributed solutions achieve wide adoption.

  • Why compliance?
  • Nash Exchange security token (NEX)
  • Anti-money-laundering
  • Engaging regulators
Why compliance?Distributed ledger technology has enormous disruptive potential. It can increase the freedoms that help economies and businesses grow. If decentralized technology fulfills its potential, a significant portion of the global economy could move to distributed platforms.It is not realistic to expect businesses across the globe to operate under questionable legal conditions, however great the technological advances we offer might be.For this reason, platforms and companies must work with regulators to follow the laws in the jurisdictions where they operate. They must safeguard user and investor capital.Safety is central for Nash – and that includes legal safety. Only by providing compliant technology can we offer the best user experience in financial services.

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Nash wants to empower the world to enjoy capital freedom.


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