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Invest in cryptocurrency — for beginners and experts

Nash makes it easy for anyone to invest in cryptocurrency

We offer great prices, low fees and instant purchases.

Get started with Bitcoin and Ethereum in just a couple of clicks and build the investment portfolio of the future.

Our cutting-edge wallet guarantees the safety of your assets with advanced encryption, putting you in full control.

A more secure way to trade

You get the security of decentralization – just faster, no speed restrictions of the blockchain.

Many traders use centralized solutions because blockchains are slow when it comes to high-performance trading. At Nash, we overcome these limitations with an off-chain matching engine.

Always have complete control over your money

Your money is safe. Access and withdraw your money at any time, we cannot block or freeze your funds.

Crypto tools designed for everyone

The best rates

Buy crypto at the best prices and with market-leading fees of just 1%.

Trade 1,000+ coins

Trade popular tokens on decentralized exchanges – we find the best price for you.

Instant purchases

Nash supports instant payment methods - never miss an investment opportunity again.

Cutting-edge security

Nash is protected by advanced encryption. You always receive your coins directly in a wallet only you control.​

How to invest in cryptocurrency on Nash

Sign up

Download the Nash app and create a unique user account.


Get verified

Upload an identity document via the app (so we know you’re you).


Buy your chosen crypto

Tap ‘Buy/Sell’, then select your asset and payment method.


At the moment, we only accept the euro (EUR). In the near future, we will also accept the British pound (GBP).

Initially, our fiat gateway for buying and selling crypto with national currency will only be available in the European region (EU + EEA + Switzerland) and the United Kingdom. However, it is possible for anyone to use the Nash wallet to store coins you have bought elsewhere or take advantage of our integration with 1inch to trade on decentralized exchanges at the best rate.

Please join our mailing list when registering your account and we will inform you when you can invest in cryptocurrency in your region using Nash.

The rate can change. If the crypto price falls, giving you a better deal, Nash automatically sells you more crypto than we originally quoted, using the new price. If the crypto price rises, and we can no longer fill your order at the original quoted rate, we will offer you a new quote at the current rate, or the option to cancel your order.

Yes, you can still use the crypto wallet to store your coins. You can also take advantage of other crypto tools and services integrated in the app, like trading on decentralized exchanges or claiming GAS on your NEO.

When you create your account, you can join our mailing list and we’ll let you know when you can invest in cryptocurrency on Nash in your region.

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