Deployment update: Details and outlook

Deployment update

Nash is continuing to work on the issues we encountered during deployment. Our goal is to launch the exchange as soon as possible. We refuse to compromise on security or user experience, so we are submitting our solutions to thorough testing.

We would like to provide some further details on the causes of the present delay.

We want to emphasize that our system has been in testing for many months, including several open and closed beta rounds with the Nash Community. Our testing system runs approximately two million cross-chain trades each day on Ethereum and NEO testnets.

Despite this extensive testing, on Friday we were hit by several critical issues that we had not previously encountered on the testnet environments.

Firstly, we had to dedicate time and engineers to fighting network difficulties faced by some of our fiat currency partners following the AWS outage. For this reason, we decided to deactivate our fiat on/off-ramps. Our own infrastructure is hosted on Google servers.

Secondly, when auditing the balances of Ethereum addresses, we found discrepancies between public block explorers, including the one we had queried for user balances. Our concern for security and user experience led us to begin deploying our own internal explorer. This deployment is still in progress and is our biggest remaining issue before launch. However, as the builders of the reference explorer for the NEO network, we understand how to do this very well. In parallel, we started validating balances across the Ethereum network for our settlement systems – a simple but time-consuming task.

As a result of these explorer problems, we performed several manual actions on our smart contracts that resulted in unexpected system behavior and further operational tests. We have confirmed that this behavior poses no security risk to the system. Our team continues to work tirelessly around the clock fixing minor outstanding issues.

When Nash opens, we will provide the user experience that we have always planned to deliver.

Our team will be available on the Nash Community page and our support channels if you require any further assistance.



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