How to grow your money the modern way: Crypto earnings and investments

How to grow your money

Crypto is an exciting alternative to traditional savings. Most banks offer interest rates well below 1%. But crypto rates can be 10% or higher. Yes, really.

But crypto can also be daunting. What are you buying? How can you buy it? Is it safe?

Nash makes crypto simple. Our app is built on that principle.

We offer two main ways to grow your money with crypto: earnings and investments. Let’s explore the differences – and help you choose which is best for you.

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How to grow your money with crypto earnings

Crypto earnings are a bit like a savings account. You put money in and it generates interest. It’s maximally simple. There’s no need to think about the price of Bitcoin or anything like that.

How does it work? Well, the basic idea is the same as how a bank generates interest for their customers. Your money is on loan to people who pay you interest. They use your money to increase their profits on investments and trades. A portion of those profits goes to you. Think of it as your reward for helping out.

Crypto earnings can pay more interest than bank savings accounts because there are no central banks setting lending and borrowing rates.

However, crypto earnings are different from crypto investments.

When you add funds to crypto earnings on Nash, you’re buying assets that are pegged to the US dollar, and which generate interest over time. Since these assets are dollar-based, they fluctuate with respect to other national currencies following the dollar – which is usually much less volatile than cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

With crypto earnings, you’re growing your money by generating interest. You’re not speculating that the crypto asset you buy will increase significantly in value over time.

If you do want to buy assets speculatively in the hope their value increases, then what you’re looking for is crypto investments!

How to grow your money with crypto investments

Investments are what most people think of when they think about crypto. They remember stories of people who made a lot of money buying Bitcoin or Ethereum in the early days.

The good news is there’s still room for both ecosystems to grow, and the crypto space is buzzing with exciting projects. So there are still lots of opportunities to invest.

But crypto investments are a different game from earnings. Crypto investors buy assets when they think will appreciate much more than what could be achieved with earnings protocols, and wait to see if they’re proven right.

Crypto investments come with big potential gains but also potential losses. Investors have to be prepared to think long-term, come up with strategies for when to realize profits, and maybe try to average out their purchase prices by buying smaller amounts every day.

If crypto earnings are like putting money in a savings account, then crypto investments are like purchasing stocks directly. You can grow your money quickly, but you’re risking more price volatility and losses.

Nash lets you invest in thousands of crypto assets safely. You can purchase the most popular assets directly with cash, but we also let you trade them for thousands of other coins on secure exchanges.

The best of both worlds? Investments that pay interest

What if you could also earn interest on your investments? If you’ve chosen to wait five years to see how much your Ethereum is worth, why not put it to work generating more Ethereum in that time?

Some assets, like Ethereum, MATIC and Avalanche, can generate interest like this. The process is known as “staking”, and is used to secure their respective blockchains.

Nash will soon be supporting staking for popular assets, making it as accessible as possible to users. With no blockchain knowledge, you’ll be able to purchase pre-staked Ethereum directly with cash: a crypto investment that will also generate interest! Users who already hold Ethereum will easily be able to add it to our ETH-based earnings package.

With Nash, you can become your own wealth manager. Choose earnings, investments, or any mixture of the two according to what you’re comfortable with.

And with just a tap of your finger, you can move your money around – and grow it.

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