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Nash Community

On Saturday, 27 October 2018, Nash (formerly NEX) celebrated our first birthday in Amsterdam. Over 100 guests were able to meet the team in person and participate in a live “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session with co-founder Fabio Canesin and Chief Design Officer Nathaniel Walpole. They also enjoyed their Nash birthday cake and goodie bags!

Photos of the event can be viewed here.

Saturday’s crowd, several of whom had traveled to the event from abroad, represented one of Nash’s proudest achievements: the fantastic community that has gathered around our company. We have constantly been surprised by the enthusiasm and commitment of our community, which are quite exceptional even for the cryptocurrency space, and we’re grateful for all the support we have received. Our work couldn’t take place without our community.

For this reason, we also used Saturday’s party to announce the Nash Community, a special forum where Nash Exchange token (NEX) holders can chat with each other, look for support and talk to the team. Such a space represents the kind of social media interaction we believe to be most productive. It should guarantee the accuracy of information communicated about Nash and improve users’ experience of discussing it with others.

Right now, over 17,000 addresses hold the Nash Exchange token. We have 70,000 followers on Twitter. The goal of the Nash Community is to bring these people together. We want to grow enthusiasm around Nash and listen to our customers’ ideas.

The Nash Community eliminates disinformation and spam by combining a minimal barrier of entry with active moderation by the Nash team.

Anyone can read the Community, but if you wish to post, you must log in via the Nash Extension. To register an account, you must have at least 1 Nash Exchange token in your wallet. After registration you can log in irrespective of your Nash Exchange token balance.

The Nash Community is actively moderated by the Nash team. If someone wishes to link to scams or spread disinformation, they effectively acquired Nash only to have their posts deleted. The presence of the team on the Community makes it a source of reliable information about Nash – even for those who only read the forum without holding Nash Exchange tokens. Any information posted on the forum by third parties will be confirmed or denied by the team, making it an authority within what is often an extremely noisy space.

Of course, Nash offers a great user experience. Seamless integration with the Nash Extension allows for a straightforward login procedure. Topic categories are neatly arranged, favorite topics can be watched and post previews show you how your formatting will look. Our adopted robot Wen also offers interactive tutorials on both basic and advanced forum features.

Productive discussion is encouraged by the chance to obtain badges and higher user levels. As the Community grows, more features and user levels will become available.

The Nash Community is the number one forum for all things Nash. Join today to ask questions, share your ideas and help us make Nash the premier platform for distributed financial services!

Nash is currently hiring. Check out our open job positions here.



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