Nash launches official Telegram channel

Nash Telegram channel

Nash community members are invited to join the new “Nash Official” Telegram channel.

During our initial phase, Nash has maintained only a few official communication channels, the main ones being the Nash Community forum and our Twitter. This has proved helpful in establishing trust. It has always been clear what is and is not an official Nash source, and users and investors have easily had direct access to the team.

As we shift into our growth phase, it is important to reassess our communication strategy and consider the best way to leverage the power of our impressive community.

Twitter and Telegram are the main communication channels in the cryptocurrency space. New users expect to find official information on both. We are grateful to our friends, many of them Nash Ambassadors, who have maintained the unofficial Nash Telegram until now. However, it is time for Nash to establish an official Telegram presence, administering our own channel and making sure it reflects our mission, vision and values.

This new Telegram channel will be one of the first ports of call for new users – and we hope to acquire a lot of them as our growth phase progresses!

Telegram groups contribute to the image of a project and its community. If a Telegram channel is poorly moderated and full of misinformation or FUD about a project, the impression created is a negative one that may put new users off. This is clearly not an option for Nash. We love critical thinking if it adds something – and we collect feedback and interview frequently. Sensible rules and structure can help make a space even more constructive.

An official Telegram, managed by the Nash team, is important not just for helping our community discuss with each other, but for projecting an accurate image of Nash: committed to our vision, guided by strong values and absolutely determined on the success of our project.



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