The safest, fastest crypto exchange is now integrated with Gunbot!

safest, fastest crypto exchange

The Gunbot team has integrated with Nash, a revolutionary cryptocurrency platform that is both safer and faster than centralized exchanges!

Gunbot users can now enjoy unparalleled non-custodial security in combination with high-performance trading and low fees.

In this article, we give you the main reasons Gunbot users should start running their bots on Nash.

If you’re interested in running Gunbot but don’t have it yet, it is available through these official resellers.

Nash is the safest exchange

Nash has an unrivalled security profile thanks to two properties:

  • It never takes control of your funds. The technical term for this is “non-custodial”.
  • It is the only exchange to offer APIs powered by secure multi-party-computation (MPC).

Unlike Nash, centralized exchanges are custodial. This is a security risk. Since centralized exchanges concentrate user assets in one place, they represent a lucrative target for hackers. According to Forbes, hackers stole over $4 billion in cryptocurrency during 2019, up from $1.7 billion in 2018. With Nash, only users have access to their assets, which makes our system much more secure.

What’s more, Nash beats other decentralized exchanges when it comes to security.

Firstly, Nash never uses wrapped tokens. When you trade Bitcoin on Nash, you trade real Bitcoin. Tokens like wBTC that represent Bitcoin on other blockchains are custodial solutions employed by other decentralized exchanges. Read more about our revolutionary Bitcoin trading protocol here.

Secondly, Nash uses secure multi-party computation (MPC) to generate API keys. On other decentralized exchanges, a single user private key controls all assets. No limits can be placed on transaction sizes and there can be no address whitelist. This is not acceptable for algorithmic traders.

By splitting the generation of cryptographic signatures into two parts, Nash is able to enforce security policies like address whitelisting for individual API keys. Read more about our MPC-powered API keys here.

Nash’s non-custodial and MPC technologies work together to provide a full security lifecycle for the first time in the trading industry. Funds are not at risk even if both your and our servers are compromised!

Nash is the fastest non-custodial exchange

Unlike other decentralized exchanges, Nash isn’t held back by the speed of the blockchain. Our off-chain matching engine manages state channels across multiple blockchains, making Nash a multi-chain second-layer solution.

We’ve been able to bring order latency down to industry-leading speeds. Nash lets you place and cancel orders in under 20ms – as fast as the top centralized exchanges.

If your Gunbot strategy relies on trading quickly and trading a lot, Nash is the perfect exchange for you!

Nash can help you save on fees

Centralized exchanges make a lot of money on withdrawal fees. With Nash, you can cash out with a 0% fee using our fiat ramp solution, Nash Cash!

Once your funds are deposited in the Nash trading channels, you can cash out through Nash Cash whenever you want.

Want to buy more crypto to add to your trading stack? Purchases through Nash Cash are delivered directly to our trading channels for use on the Nash Exchange – meaning you spend nothing on transaction fees before you begin trading! Nash Cash purchases have a 0% transfer fee and are delivered within one day.

Nash also has a competitive fee schedule for traders, rewarding high-volume users with lower fees – perfect for Gunbot!

Nash offers the most popular cryptocurrency trading pairs: Bitcoin and Ethereum against a stablecoin, and against each other. We also offer NEO pairs and support a number of ERC-20 and NEP-5 tokens. New markets for high-quality projects are being added constantly.

Nash’s secure high-speed architecture solves the liquidity problem faced by other decentralized exchanges. Because these exchanges are slower and less secure than Nash, liquidity providers cannot run market-making bots to keep order books full.

By contrast, Nash has been able to partner with several funds and market-making firms who deploy capital on our order books.

The Nash Exchange token (NEX) pays dividends

Nash has broken new ground in the industry by issuing the world’s first public digital security, protecting investors in the Nash Exchange token (NEX).

NEX investors are entitled to up to a 75% proportional share in revenue from the Nash Exchange.

Learn more about NEX staking here!

Nash leads the industry in compliance

Nash has worked with regulators since 2017 to ensure we are fully compliant and legally secure. We are constantly being audited and our matching engine is designed to prevent wash-trading or front-running.

Still have questions about Nash? Learn more from our FAQ!



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