Use Nash Link now on our swag store!

Use Nash Link now on our swag store!

Nash is pleased to announce the opening of our swag store, showcasing Nash Link. You can test out our solution for merchants by purchasing Nash swag, including mugs, shirts and hoodies!

Nash Link is designed to meet the needs of merchants who wish to accept cryptocurrency as easily as possible.

At present, merchants are discouraged by the technical hurdle of integrating with blockchains and are concerned about the volatility of crypto assets (including potentially high transfer fees).

Nash solves the first of these problems by sparing merchants any blockchain integration. We receive digital assets from customers and convert these to USDC on our exchange. We then settle with the merchant directly in national currency. Merchants only need to add a small snippet of JavaScript to their website and they will be able to receive cash payments directly.

Nash also protects merchants from surprise fees and volatility by agreeing cash amounts with them in advance and managing associated risk ourselves. Merchants can simply specify their price and relax.

The Nash store collection includes items designed by our community. Congratulations to the winners of our swag design contest!

If you’re a merchant and are interested in Nash Link, check out our business website and get in touch!



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