Nash referral giveaway: And the winners are… -
December 27, 2019

Nash referral giveaway: And the winners are…

Nash referral giveaway

The Nash referral giveaway ended on 26 December at 18:00 UTC. Our lucky winners have now been decided!

We’d like to thank everyone in our community who took part and did their best to spread the word about Nash. Your contributions are what made Nash possible and will be essential in helping us improve and expand the platform!

You can check all the details regarding the draw procedure by clicking here.

Here is the full list of prizewinners:

# First name sha256 of email
1 Patrick 719524088f3475b76f8e5672c4f7ea31c55ff5b4d9545c4a432b3208a0532bdc
2 Toshiyuki 17a868f21e30f7ad73695ea376e6042c851c622d77689252f7006299df69fe3e
3 Mykhailo ac52622eac82aecef1ed93a39a974596fa83130e0c578d615037489b978ef398
4 Christopher 78f5c160aa1c672a8b146d354786111978318beebd90e2ed916edf20c098169d
5 Vladimir d81f6eef2178512bcaef8464d0931c0da60696cfdb210237afe1c68403f7cc38
6 Jop 2f6e8549032db49bb64d5db037619515d4a97871c6425d4f88591990115062af
7 Nicolas a8c82450b90521504f698b30d32b009ef0a8fe62cb69106fa9916e618baface8
8 Muhammed 382b1d552d4163e4ec28a1f9a20cd4d7bf838188ee4bbf26743192fd07ca152c
9 Edward 1aae624672af5dd128fd89d7f52973a0e1e99554482be986872d91d77bfba17e
10 Nicholas 35498091ef88bef9b2cb22810816efaced534d8f92d31c9452eeb023c8381984
11 Seng 623d8ff8dfb10e00272305134de7e612839a3e6a0df8bbdd163f9423a8be1e52
12 Aron 729814c04aec342bc3124fa98ce23320454ac728b1294abc1e59f664893aa238
13 Simon e44a484fdca242ce3d2e816644e3575ec3be8f46fece7043a6924a07adb3396e
14 Thiery eadc57eea46afe12e7192fea3311bf657572293687f2460f4fff11b0ea8ca726
15 Nathanael 84d47f457254a855eab7633fc0775220ca0eb6cf2bd5c37c845d9a49ca16a33e
16 David d76d97c2c3c90198865436dc499ea0e5964ed873894c56be5dc37e904e1c7a22
17 Oscar ad22013370081c30e96e4809955298dd62c379e97b9564b0d13274763dde5694
18 Marcus b86744f1e2391fdb21d79ec497ffd61ccc97ee4767347fad7506b2722e953499
19 Sheela ecb87982d2b8fc3ba247159f1097c2fe0fad911cd5e7226971c3060e2386b024
20 Luc b0c91c71d150d366433216bff8f3b84c381762aa32392ed0ecf4f3d07e4e3174
21 Thomas 14f6b9ad38ea4932e83875f558890e18252a8c8a01b0b6242a4ef0cd6481390d
22 Lark f87137ff5e7b637f3d0bef90fe013a5e423b46ce04962efe9c7470614becbbe5
23 Olga 6e6cf6b6f2219fcd17637127568a54c4cb4589291a45da0b9fb3e0ef99839c65
24 Romain 985871505f22e64a4f57813985178f8ababd69a4ec7cf230692dd230cce0c360
25 Fanny cb961b198092be213ad5c7331210f4b27a3757bbdf8bbe9352d0c5ae799dcbe8
26 Nick e9fe469c5eea1d4cea1d5ef749b844d8f446293104ceeddadc0d58bc38f0ea60
27 Chirag c1079434984e03a1046740ca157460373175803a2b4890e4e8f70e968c2432b9
28 Tjeerd 2bceec3d65514b0a8a6e4071fd6c72e48e9777f823657de65f1036a5a555b7a4
29 Patrik c0e2874abb1ab70206905bac482cdb5e1edc331a11286437d5ab7ef37622bc26
30 Andrei 26506bd51c03980feb16052ed4bb095e2f278046a918eacb7b121b0c893192cf
31 Ioannis edf8c6bdac47217ab149b4b0ff0c4a7b6b3c95508cc5f8f71bb7d33dcf1df1cc
32 Sudhir 92990f87346b04bf440c5fe76c3f43e22a5882249e9ce967f4c1d2c33262d5b6
33 Mehmet 9d2bdccbbf0d03d8c201d73ef23c9e6fde1dee1e9daf5cf7476c508cd7cd167f
34 Kirill bade380a7477f38137bee8bbc929c194a878fd1a2a61b4c70075018aac655d02

We are unable to provide further identifying information on prizewinners.

Winners have been notified by email and will need to complete our identification procedure (KYC) in order to claim their prizes.

Thanks again to everyone who took part!

You can stay up to date with Nash by following our Twitter and Instagram. We also encourage all Nash Exchange token (NEX) holders to join our community platform, where they can talk directly with the team and receive reliable answers to questions.

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