Nash Year In Review 2023 -

Nash Year In Review 2023

Refreshed from the New Year holidays and with the dust of BTC ETF approval settled, we’d like to take this opportunity to discuss a remarkable Nash year in 2023 and what’s in store for the future.

Let’s dig in.. ?️‍♂️

Addition of Virtual IBANs  ?

The biggest addition to Nash in 2023 was the integration of Nash IBAN, which paved the way for seamless crypto and fiat transactions. Residents in the European Economic Area can open an account today and manage all their traditional finances alongside their decentralized finance.? 

The Nash Euro IBAN account is under the name of, and controlled by, the account holder. This key difference from the more common credit model of many existing Crypto IBAN products sets us apart and emphasizes our philosophy of letting a user control their funds.?

The boundaries between traditional and decentralized finance are blurring. People want apps to manage non-custodial Crypto accounts and Web3 activities alongside traditional payments and fiat activities. With Nash’s launch of the Crypto IBAN account, the Nash Platform does this on a single screen. ?

With Nash’s Crypto IBAN account you can make (instant) SEPA payments, receive salary remittances, send money to friends, pay for everyday expenses, and more.

It also lays a foundation for upcoming features that enable the use of Crypto for the same. Make payments using Crypto by converting it to Fiat on-the-fly, auto-convert salary into token investments, or transfer cash and Crypto to balance your portfolio, just to name a few. All within a single, easy to use app. More about the IBAN can be found here.

Fiat Ramp Widget ?

Nash Fiat Ramp grew out of the app, and it’s now also available on our web app and as an easy third-party integration via our SDKs.

Our web app widget streamlines the user experience with seamless in-situ functionalities. It simplifies the KYC process, enabling swift account setup, and offers a user-friendly interface for effortless buying and selling of assets directly within a third party app or as standalone. It also has the ability to purchase or sell assets to and from almost any type of third-party wallet whitelisted by the account owner using Wallet Connect, which makes your Nash account a central hub of all your Web3 crypto adventures. Log into your account, whitelist all your wallets, and safely proceed with purchasing assets to those wallets or selling assets for fiat from those wallets — all inside your Nash account.

To achieve optimal prices for Fiat Ramp users, we worked tirelessly during the year to improve our sourcing venues and minimize the costs associated with arbitrage. These efforts have resulted in the lowest cost in the industry! ?

Along with multi-chain support, ease of use, and many other benefits of our Fiat Ramp, we can’t highlight enough how well it works with the Nash IBAN: buying crypto with fiat has become a one-minute task – never miss an opportunity in high volatility markets anymore. Try it at or if you are a project that wants to integrate the widget, learn more here.

New Earn system ?

In addition to simplifying fiat to crypto transactions, we also worked this year to integrate the most popular yield products in Web3 accessible directly from fiat. We’re proud of the ease of a single, decentralized, and non-custodial flow from fiat to yield-producing savings products.

Our new Earn system offers users a quick entry to yields of most staked crypto assets. It allows you to purchase, sell, send, and receive interest-bearing tokens such as stkETH and sDAI directly to your Nash wallet. This removes Nash’s smart contract risk you were previously exposed to and simplifies access to stay true to our non-custodial spirit. Our wallet will now also identify these new tokens and provide accurate information on interest gains. Additional tokens will follow soon!

Nash Exchange ?

Over the past years, we identified one of the main barriers to entry for one of our foundational products- the L2 exchange. High transaction costs for deposit and withdrawal from state channels caused many users to avoid the exchange. This led us to the replacement of Ethereum with Polygon, which drastically reduces the transaction costs and lowers the time for settlements. We are still looking into the addition of other low-cost EVM chains in the future. This change makes the L2 competitive again for traders as well as market makers and is an upgrade for the L2 that makes it future-proof.

Moreover, with this addition, as envisioned back in 2019, we can finally use the L2 as a backbone for other Nash products that we are developing, as having our own fast and cheap exchange gives us a competitive advantage over our competition. Think paying with Crypto on the fly using your credit card or rounding up when paying for your groceries and dollar cost average like a pro. You will hear more about these features and more (very) soon. Stay tuned! ?

…and many many more

We wanted to highlight a few milestones that were achieved in the last 12 months, but these were not the only things we worked on. Here is a small list of honorable mentions:

Product Enhancements and User Experience ?️?

- We've made significant improvements to the user interface across our platform, including a completely new homepage, crypto wallet UI, and token pages.

- We introduced a new purchase flow to make transactions smoother and more intuitive.

- A plethora of backend fixes, compliance improvements, and mobile app updates have been deployed to beef up performance, security, and ease of use.

- Integration of NEX NEO2 to NEO3 Bridge and Crypto IBANs have been game-changers, paving the way for seamless crypto and fiat transactions.

Compliance and Security ??

- We’ve developed one of the most sophisticated compliance systems and achieved significant milestones in our quest to make Nash the safest Crypto platform out there and to future-proof Nash for the upcoming MiCA regulation

- Device validation feature has been launched, reinforcing account security and protecting IBAN transactions.

Strategic Partnerships ?

- Overcoming setbacks, we have signed with a leading European e-money institute to power our IBANs and future Crypto cards.

- We continued collaboration with existing partners and engaged new ones, ensuring our services are backed by robust systems and infrastructure.

Market Expansion and Outreach ?

- On the marketing front, strategic campaigns, a revamped website, and a focus on SEO have heightened our visibility.

- We have expanded the Nash community through influencer partnerships, content marketing, and exploring new advertising channels using systematic and analytical approaches

- We welcomed new senior marketers from major competitors to boost our strategic marketing efforts and fine-tune our messaging

- A significant fraction of our total spending is now allocated to marketing and this will shift even further the closer we get to a temporary feature completeness. We are well on track to ramp up spending resources on marketing to take over engineering costs within the year 2024.

Product Innovation?⛓️

- Implementation of support for additional blockchains, including Polygon and Arbitrum, and Wallet Connect 2.0 integration.

- Introduction of NEO3 staking on our web app and mobile app improvements to enhance user investment opportunities.

Looking ahead..

2024 is going to be an exciting year at Nash and the recent Bitcoin ETF approval will likely further mature the market and attract more people to the space. A lot of things are planned and a few have already been implemented, but not yet released.

As we reflect on these milestones, we express our deepest gratitude to you, the Nash community, for enabling us to shape the future of finance. Our dedication to reshaping the landscape of fintech has only intensified, and your consistent support continues to empower us.

Thank you for an extraordinary year. Here's to an even more innovative and impactful 2024! ?


The Nash Team ?

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